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1979/08/28 - DEU, Munchen, Rockpop TV Show

- Event Program : Rockpop german TV Show rockpop5.jpg

- Event Line up :

  • AC/DC

- AC/DC 's Line Up :

  • -Singer: Bon Scott
  • -Lead Guitar: Angus Young
  • -Rhythm Guitar: Malcolm Young
  • -Bass Guitar: Cliff Williams
  • -Drums: Phil Rudd

- Setlist :

  • Highway To Hell

- Comment of Bun.E Carlos ( Cheap Trick ) : AC-DC and CT each did one song for the show, we did I Want You To Want Me, lip synced. AC-DC was also shooting 5 or 6 songs for their own TV special which was to air later that year. I recall them doing Sin City, and maybe The Girl's Got Rthym, and 5 or 6 takes of Highway To Hell because Bon kept giving the finger to the camera. On the final take of H2H the camera men walked off the set! Rick jammed with them on one of the many breaks in shooting.

- Comment :The band rehearsed several songs with Rick Nielson from Cheap Trick.

- Photos : R.Alford


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