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1979/09/01 - DEU, Nurnberg, Zeppelinfeld, Open Air Festival

- Event Program : Open air Festivalaffiche.jpg

- Event Line up:

  • The Who
  • AC/DC
  • Cheap Trick
  • Miriam Makeba
  • Scorpions
  • Steve Gibbons Band
  • Zanki and Band

- AC/DC 's Line Up :

  • -Singer: Bon Scott
  • -Lead Guitar: Angus Young
  • -Rhythm Guitar: Malcolm Young
  • -Bass Guitar: Cliff Williams
  • -Drums: Phil Rudd

- Setlist :

  • Live Wire
  • Problem Child
  • Walk All Over You
  • Shot Down in Flames
  • Bad Boy Boogie
  • The Jack
  • Highway to Hell
  • Whole Lotta Rosie
  • Rocker
  • Let There Be Rock


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