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1975/01/25 - AUS, Sunbury, Sunbury Pop Festival - canceled -

- Event program : Sunbury Pop Festival - Canceled Show sunbury.jpg

- Event Line up :

  • Deep Purple
  • AC/DC

- AC/DC 's Line Up :

  • -Singer: Bon Scott
  • -Lead Guitar: Angus Young
  • -Rhythm Guitar: Malcolm Young
  • -Bass Guitar: George Young
  • -Drums: Phil Rudd

- Set List : ---

- Source: Juke Magazine

- Excerpt History:

Sunbury '75 ran from 24 January to 27 January. The attendance was only 15,000-16,000 and the festival suffered terminal financial losses. UK band, Deep Purple went home with $60,000, while most local groups went home empty handed. AC/DC allegedly refused to play after Deep Purple roadies provoked a fistfight with them. According to Deep Purple's lead vocalist, Dave Coverdale, "Apparently, a young Aussie band had jumped onstage, plugged into our gear and started playing! Well, all hell broke loose, from what I was told. Our roadies (big buggers to a man) wrestled with the young band to get them off our equipment and off the stage. Chaos and frolics ensued". Adding insult to injury, members of AC/DC, their roadies, and producer George Young got into a altercation with Deep Purple's roadies, who refused to allow AC/DC to go on after Deep Purple. In the end AC/DC went home without performing.



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